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Chill Out And Enjoy The Summer

We may make a commission if you buy through these links--it won’t cost any more and it supports POP! 

     Summer heat takes a toll on pets, and keeping them cool is an important responsibility when you venture out in warm weather. If you have outdoor space at home that you spend time in, you want to be sure you pup has a cool place to retreat to if they will be outside with you. Setting up a cool, shady spot will ensure your dog comfortable and safe. 


     One step you can take is to get a cooling pad for your pup. There are two primary options available: 1. elevated beds; and 2. gel filled beds. We have examples of each below with more information about them. There are also water filled mats, but these are less popular since they are prone to puncture and leak. 

Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

     The Coolaroo elevated bed bills itself as the original elevated pet bed. Its design is simple but effective--an elevated frame with a mesh cover--and it's one of the best selling pet beds around for a reason. These beds also alleviate joint pain by reducing pressure on knees, hips, and shoulders.

     Coolaroo specializes in their fabrics, and they sell them for sun shades, privacy screens, and more. They also sell replacement fabric in case it ever tears, but they hold up really well. 

Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

An elevated mesh platform to keep your pup off the ground


  • Simple Design that Works Great

  • Elevated Pad

  • Great for Outdoor, Long Term Use

  • Relieves Joint Pain

Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat

     Gel filled beds are another popular option, and the Arf Mat is a popular choice. These are filled with gels that are meant to stay cooler than the ambient temperature, and to absorb your pups' body heat to disburse it through the pad. Gel cooling pads can be a great option too, you shouldn't leave your pup unattended with them--even though most of them (and this one) are non-toxic, they definitely shouldn't be eaten.


     The Arf Pets pad should keep your pup cool for up to three hours of continuous use and automatically cool back down with a few minutes of non-use. We find that in really hot weather, these don't actually "recharge" very well, and in any event only stays a few degrees cooler than the ambient temperature. They work really well inside as a cool, padded place for your pup. We have clients who throw them in the fridge for a quick cool down too. 

Arf Pets Self Cooling Mat

Gel Filled Cooling Mat


  • Keeps Cool for Up To 3 Hours; 

  • Durable Cover

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