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Introducing Pup Pals: Buddy Walks

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

For pups who like to be social, we now offer Buddy Walks!

Pups on Passyunk wants to encourage doggy friendships. If your pup has a friend in the same building (or within a block or two), we’ll take them out for a walk together. This new buddy program provides you with a significant discount and gives your pup a chance to socialize.

This service is limited to regular daily walks (5 days a week on a regular schedule, with the same dog). It pairs your pup with one other so they can walk and have fun together. We can even help match you with a compatible friend if they don’t have a BFF yet. As always, safety is our top priority; dogs will be evaluated to ensure they are friendly together.



Q: Is this the same thing as a “pack walk”?

A: No, these are not pack walks. These are regular walks with the same two dogs every day. This allows us to ensure a good match with the dogs and to provide safe and engaging walks.

Q: My dog pulls on the leash or is leash reactive, can they participate?

A: We’ll evaluate each dog to determine if they are a good candidate for this service, but our focus is on safety and this service might not be suitable for dogs that pull or are leash reactive.

Q: If the second client is away or cancelled last minute, will I still receive a walk?

A: We’re happy to walk your dog if the other person needs to cancel, but the normal rate for individual walks will apply.


If you’re interested, please get in touch through Time to Pet or fill out a new client form here.

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