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Pens: Great for Apartments Too!

We may make a commission if you buy through these links--it won’t cost any more and it supports POP! 

     Dog pens are often overlooked for home use, especially in city apartments and homes since many people assume there just wouldn't be space. We have had many clients who absolutely love these, even in smaller homes. Home pens can easily be folded and put aside when not in use, and they provide more space for your furry family member than a crate would, while still keeping them from causing trouble or getting into danger.


     Keep in mind that this won't be a good option for most puppies if you're still working on house training. Read more about house training in our Crate Training 101 guide. 

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Pen

     The Yaheetech Heavy Duty Pen is a great option for inside use. It's heavy-duty and sturdy, and has a door that opens without scraping across the floor. Setup is easy and requires no tools, and the pen folds flat for storage and transport. You can configure it in a number of arrangements that should work for most spaces, and it comes in various sizes, including different heights and number of panels. In most configurations, this pen feels sturdy and secure due to it's heavier, full-metal design. While the weight and build definitely add to the sturdiness, it also causes it to be a bit more work to fold it up and put it away, so if that's important you might want a lighter style such as the midwest crate below.

Yaheetech Heavy Duty Pen

Heavy, Sturdy Dog Pen


Best For:

  • Stable But Heavier

  • Great for Permanent Setup

MidWest Homes For Pets Pen

    The MidWest Homes For Pets Indoor Pen is a great option and is also one of our go-to recommendations. It comes in a variety of sizes and is easy to customize the layout. You can use it as a "gate" too by placing it in front of steps or other openings when not used as a pen. 

The Midwest Homes Pen is significantly lighter than the Yaheetech one above, which means it's easier to fold up and put away, or to reconfigure and move around, but it also feels a bit less sturdy. 

MidWest Homes For Pets Pen

Versatile, Affordable Pen For Home Use



  • Folding, Light Weight Design

  • Flexible Home Setup

  • Affordable, Practical Option

IRIS Pet Playpen

The IRIS Pet Playpen is a smaller, light weight, plastic molded pen. It's a bit shorter, at just under 24 inches (they also make a 34 inch version), but either way it's best for small dogs and puppies. You can buy an expansion pack to add a couple panels and enlarge the pen too. We have had several clients use this model for their puppies to provide some play space for when they aren't crated. 

IRIS Pet Playpen

Best For:

  • Puppies and Small Dogs

  • Lightweight Design

  • Expandable

Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Playpen

     The Ruff 'n Ruffus Pen is a fabric pen that snaps into place when open. It has fabric sides built around a lightweight frame. It is foldable and packs small for travel or when not in use--it even comes with a carrying case to make transport easy. The fabric design might not be as secure for some pets if they try to escape or rip through it, but it works great for some. It's always a good idea to keep your dog supervised if you're using it outdoors.

Ruff 'n Ruffus Portable Playpen

Best For:

  • Travel, Camping, and On The Go

  • Easy To Set Up

  • Folds Into A Carrying Case 

  • Includes a Sun Shade

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