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Senior Staff


Corissa, Assistant Manager

Corissa’s been with Pups On Passyunk for over two years, and she’s loved every single dog she’s walked like they’re her own. Specialties include helping anxious pups feel at ease, finding that one neck/ear/chin/butt scratch that makes your pet happy-twitch, and writing end-of-visit reports that make you feel like you were there the whole time. She’s also a freelance writer, avid reader, native Ohioan, and devoted cat owner. Her first instinct at any party is to find the household pet and befriend them.


Victoria, Senior Staff

Victoria is an avid animal lover and advocate. She worked as a Community Support Counselor, Adoption Counselor, and Lifesaving Counselor at ACCT Philly, Philadelphia's open-intake shelter. While working at ACCT Philly, she gained experience working with a variety of dogs, from sassy little chihuahuas to giant lovable pitties. She has a soft spot for nervous animals and finds no greater joy than befriending them and gaining their trust. When Victoria is not walking dogs, she enjoys making art in West Philly where she lives with her chonky cat, Newman, her partner, and her partner's cat, Pudding. 

Pet Care Pros



Ashton has always been an animal lover and has been a pet parent his entire life. He volunteered throughout high school for the Animal Rescue League and he’s excited to continue sharing his passion for animals in the big city! He’s lived in Philly for the past 3 years and is currently a student at Temple. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys playing music, riding his bike, and working out. He currently has three dogs and two cats at home.



Gabriel grew up with dogs his whole life, and developed a fierce love for them! Currently in school, he spends his free time pet sitting for both friends and family. He's previously worked with another pet care company here in Center City, and is always looking out for new furry friends. Outside of school and work, he enjoys playing quidditch and writing. He's excited to meet your furry buddy!



Damon doesn’t know life without at least one furry (or scaly) friend around! He has worked with many animals from dogs and cats to bearded dragons and fish, giving him a wide array of experience with all different kinds of pets. Damon spent the majority of his free time volunteering at animal shelters and greyhound rescues in South Jersey before moving to Center City with his dogs two years ago. Since then, he has provided dog walking and sitting services for his neighbors and friends whenever they needed!

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Rechelle is an animal lover and illustrator with a background in behavior therapy. Rechelle spends her free time exploring hiking locations around Philadelphia, or working on projects with one of her two cats napping in her lap. Rechelle grew up with three cats and a very energetic dog, and has always had animals in the home, including a pet mouse and an orchid mantis. Rechelle is looking forward to meeting your pets, and giving them the care and attention they deserve. 



Sarah was born and raised in Cape May, New Jersey and has always had a love for animals. She worked in a veterinary hospital for 3 years and started dog walking and pet sitting for many clients there as part time gig. Now it's 9 years later, and she is so excited to continue her dog walking career in Philadelphia. Sarah spends her free time with her dog, Brody exploring the city and discovering new places to hike and enjoy nature. She is an avid reader, self proclaimed foodie, coffee lover, and creator of art. Sarah cannot wait to meet the wonderful dogs of Philadelphia!



Hi! I’m Angeline. I’m a dog lover and food fanatic. Moved from Alaska to Philly and am excited to to offer my dog handling services! Your animal will be in great hands with me :) 



Hi! My name is Jackie, I am 26 years old born and raised right outside Philly.  I am a long time dog lover, so much so I made a career out of it as a veterinary nurse. I am currently in school at the University of Pennsylvania to further my career. I cant get enough of the animals so I like to spend my evenings and weekends walking our furry friends around town. I love walking around the city to explore and cant wait for your dogs to join me! 



Dan is an animal lover and has had pets all his life. He previously worked at ACCT Philly, the city animal shelter. Coordinating foster cats and dogs, intaking stray animals of all kinds, providing customer service, and handling adoption meetings were only some of the ways he helped animals and people in need while at ACCT. Dan currently lives in Philadelphia with his partner and two cats. He loves biking, reading, and plants, and cannot wait to meet more amazing dogs!  



Hello, My name is Mike. I’m new to the Philadelphia area but I am very passionate about all animals. I’ve had a few dogs in my life ranging from poodles to pit bulls to pomeranians so I have some experience dealing with different types of animals. I appreciate a good level of communication between the owner and myself to make sure everyone during the walk remains safe at all times. I’m very eager to help with any walking needs for you and your pets.

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Demarco is from Bensalem and now lives in South Philly. His dog Seven is pit mix, and Buttercup us a Shih Tzu - Pug. He’s looking forward to making friends with new pets throughout the city! 



Natalie was born in Philadelphia and has lived here for the past six years. She lives in Point Breeze with her husband and their loyal aussiedoodle, Margot.  She has loved dogs ever since she was a little girl. From then until now she has always found the dog at a party and will typically stay by their side. Her family calls her the dog whisperer because animals of all kinds tend to flock to her. She can’t wait to meet your dogs and give them the attention they deserve. 



Elena is a musician from the Philadelphia suburbs who has lived with and loved dogs her whole life. Over the years she has gained experience walking and caring for some really great pets in the area. She can’t imagine life without the bonds we create between animal and person- so she’s very excited to meet her new friends! (:



Hello! I am Katy, a medical student at Temple University. I have lived with and taken care of all kinds of dogs, including many many German Shepherds, a few labs, and a little rescue puppy of my own called Cash. My experience in animals extends as far and cats, bunnies, and even rats and sheep. To say the least, I am super excited to meet all your animals and spoil them like the angels they are. 



Hi! My name is Starla and I look forward to taking care of your furry friends! I have a beautiful pit bull that I rescued two years ago. He is the love of my life. I know how hard it can be to trust someone else with your animal but rest assured I will take care of them like my own! I have had dogs and cats my whole life and have frequently dog sat for friends/family in the past. I can’t wait to meet your furry friend and care for them like my own!



Jennie is originally from Baltimore and has been living in Philly for 4 years. She has always been passionate about caring for animals and has grown up with cats and dogs of all shapes and sizes. Jennie currently works full time as a scientist but is hoping to further her career and passion by becoming a veterinarian. Right now she cares for a little kitty named Noodle in south philly.

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Pepper inspired the creation of Pups On Passyunk after a long walk through South Philly. She's remembered for her love and energy, and she continues to provide inspiration for us to find ways to improve what we do.


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