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Professional Dog Walking

Leash Handling

Helping your pup enjoy their walk in the city

At Pups On Passyunk, we understand the trust you place in us. Collaborating with one of the top professional dog trainers in Philly, we developed stringent procedures for walks to provide the highest level of care and engagement in the city environment.


We aren’t professional dog trainers, but we focus on:

  • Reinforcing responses to basic commands for enhanced safety and control during walks

  • Keeping your dog mentally stimulated, in addition to the physical exercise provided by the walks.


We believe in only positive interaction: You'll love the way we treat your pups!

Business Certifications

We are a local business operating to serve Philadelphia pet owners.
  • Pups On Passyunk LLC is a Pennsylvania business licensed to operate in Philadelphia.

  • Our business is insured and bonded. 

  • Our walkers are employees--we think that works better for our clients and our team.

  • Our employees are trained by us to meet our company's standards. 

  • We conduct professional background checks.

  • We provide extensive safety training with all new hires. 

Reliable & Transparent

Leveraging the latest technology for our clients.

Utilizing the best technology in the industry, we provide our clients assurance that services are completed when and as expected every time. Our instant reports provide you: 

  • GPS tracked routes

  • time in/out

  • detailed daily notes

  • photos.

Exceptional Experience

Going above and beyond.

We are serious about exceptional client service. We strive to set ourselves apart by our commitment to high-quality work. We are happy to customize your services and cater to special requests. If there is ever anything we can do better, we are happy to talk and make changes. 

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