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Dog Walks In Philadelphia

We cover most of Center City and South Philly. Your pup will have a primary walker, and we work as a team to complete all scheduled walks to be sure there are never any breaks in services even if your primary walker is sick or unavailable. All our walkers have been vetted by us to ensure exceptional client care. 

We are currently accepting new clients who need regular, weekly walks.

Learn more about what makes our business and our team unique here.

Prices vary based on scheduling. See our pricing guide


Personalized Walks

From 20 minutes for pups needing a quick bathroom break, to a full 60 minutes of activity for those needing to burn off some energy, we can help with your pup's needs. We tailor each walk and will work with you to accommodate any special needs. We focus on providing personalized pet care for clients who need services on a regular basis, allowing us to build a long term relationship to provide the best care possible. 


See our pricing guide

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Leash work 

We have helped a lot of pups that our clients have described as "difficult". We usually find that with the right equipment and handling, most dogs will enjoy their walks even more. 

Initially, we may need to use different equipment, take additional time (longer services), or provide additional training. As long as you're flexible and willing to work with us, we're willing to work with you, and we will do everything we can to help! Our goal is to make all our walks as safe as possible. 

GPS Tracked Route

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Know when your services are completed and the route your pup took that day!

Lots of Love!


We love pets! It's why we do what we do. Your pup will get lots of love and attention with us!

Locally Made Treats


Organic, natural, grain free treats made by Amelie's Bark Shop on Passyunk. Our pups love them!

Buddy Walks
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