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Our Favorite Gear

We have worked with A LOT of different products. We have used more gear than we can keep up with, using both our own and our clients' equipment. We've seen a lot of things that work great and others, well, not so much.


Since we get asked about certain products all the time, we finally decided to put together a list of some of our (and our clients') favorite products. We hope you'll find this helpful, and if you have feedback on these or anything else you think is helpful, let us know and we'll include it in future updates. 

As a local business, we believe in shopping local and encourage you to check out your local pet stores! We love Amelies Bark Shop on Passyunk Avenue, and there are several other great shops in Philly too. If you are going to shop on Amazon, then starting your shopping through our product links can help us earn a small commission on anything you buy (and without costing you anything more). 

Top Picks

Other Gear

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